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released September 4, 2014

Thom Cote is Wax Face this time around.

Mastered by Mr. Sterling Black

Cassettaint #8



all rights reserved


Wax Face New York

Don't pay it no nevermind.

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Track Name: Rodeo Auction (waxON)
If I can't tell you what you need
Then how am I gonna tell you how to bleed?
And if I can't tell you where to bleed
Then how am I gonna give you what you need?

What'd you bring me here for?
Why you telling me this?
What'd you bring me here for?
Oh, don't tell me...
Oh, please, don't ever you tell me

Don't shed the light
Don't ever teach me
Don't reach me, no
Don't tell me no lies
If you don't shed the light...
I want to see me
Because I want to please me
No! You can do it, right?
Don't shed the light
Track Name: Weary (waxON)
There's no way to shake these breaks
Without going down
There's no way to taste this cake without
Bending the wills of the people

We got some wary people
We got some tired people (goin down)
We got some angry people
We got some fearful people (broken down)

There's no way to shake fate without
Standing ground
There's no way to break chains without
Using the hearts of the people


His fucking fighter jet was shot down hours ago
I hear commotion but I ain't seen movement yet
Wasn't in the air bout an hour before
His world was shot down

Track Name: You Got No Reason (waxON)
If you need to get down
Then you got to get up
If you don't want to drown
You got to kick like a duck
You got no reason to go -
Why not plant some seeds, pretty lady?
If your bulb's gonna glow
Why not melt the snow?
I said you got nothing to bleed little girl now
Your pulse is thick as sludge

You can't just sow your need little babe, no
This bulge is not gonna budge
You can't just sow your needs like seeds little babe
This bulge is not gonna budge

And I don't / Feel it at all
And I can't / Feel it at all
And I won't / Feel it at all
So why don't / You feel it at all?

We like it's taste / we watch it glisten
This is your future / this is your fantasy
Why won't you listen? / why such a waste?
This is the last of me
Track Name: Shake My Tree (waxON)
You can't shake me / outta my tree
You can try little girl but / I ain't leaving for free
I'll cluck like a chicken / I'll bark like a dog
I'll give up my evil ways / I'll squeal like a hog

You know I love you so
But I can't fight these boughs
They rub around my skin
They strut trunk like hoes

Now listen here brothers and sisters. Just settle down and gather round because I'mma tell you the story of a man, a man and his tree. A man so beleaguered by darkness he had no choice but to burn in the sunshine. And yes, I'm here to testify that the sun did shine. Yes! Yes, brothers and sisters the sun DID shine. How do I know? Because I am that man! Yes! Believe! But I warn you – don't shake my tree!
Track Name: Void (waxON)
There is a place / A place we must go
There is a person / A face we must know
There things must / Take their course

With two feet off the ground
The walls bending in from sound
Crippling other subjects

I cannot be amused / I do not have those tools
I can't abide by fools / I am not pleased by jewels
I have no urge to rest / My fears are not addressed
My hand it will not shake / The branch it will not break

It's no holdover

I don't want to live life / I turn away from strife
I haven't the urge to change / My character hasn't the range
When the walls came down / I could not address it
When the walls went up / I chose to forget it
Track Name: Meteorites (waxON)
Make me into a dream
Make me part of a scene
Gather a nest of friends
Make the best never end
Send my soul to dinner
Send the wafer ever thinner
Send me cake ever warm
Send me fakes ever torn

We have what you crave
We've kept what you gave
What is left to crave?
What is kept in graves?
Track Name: Glass Bottles (waxOFF)
You know that nothing looks the same anymore
Everybody's got another bad taste
Everybody's got the look, the gait, the right shit up on their face
The same glassed eyes
Few things age well but those that do have swell marketing

What isn't said / What isn't heard

Nobody's got quite the same fit
Nobody seems to've got the right face
Nobody's got the right walk, the talk, the hint of time or space
The gift of forgetting
Few things have a true tell
But those that do tell everything

What isn't heard / What isn't said

These things are very beautiful
And should be treated as such
But the image and the worth
Of its contents should never
Be confushed. They are not
The answer themselves. That's
Never so easy

What isn't said / What isn't heard
Glass bottles

How many times you've filled
How many times you've emptied
Track Name: You Got to Gotcha (waxOFF)
Oh my god! I didn't even know they made that sort of thing! And look-y there! It even comes in blue! Periwinkle blue! Not how did they know I like periwinkle blue so much? You tell me that right now! They must have a team of god damn psychics working round the clock down there turning my dreams into reality. And to think. Here I am, not even knowing the wonders out there!

I need it, I want it.
I want it, I need.

This will add up / This will give life
Find a good job / Find a good wife
Have a few kids / Mow a few lawns
Write a few checks / Invest in bonds
Ingest your drink / Invest in yawns
Wholesale your life

Why don't I have meaning?
Each Y pool is teeming
With a glust of seeming
-ly happy adults and

There is no way out of
How can I get out of
How will I get out of this?
Track Name: I Want a Love (waxOFF)
I want a love to strip my soul
Just two demons walking on water
Watch our sins take their toll
Keep on dancing, flames get hotter

I want this blood to make me whole
It takes many, many, many, many...

It might break me / and it might take me
All the rest of my days
But I'm gonna climb it / that milky, snide lilt
For the rest of my days

I got a love that's done me harm
Tore my dress, spit in my heart
I got no need to be alarmed
Cause love means death from the start

Bend over sideways/ move over backwards
All the rest of my days
Crawling down stairways / terrified of every world
For the rest of my days
Track Name: Like a Stone (waxOFF)
You got the drugs I ain't asking for
You fot the scripts that I ain't needing
It's hard enough just to be alive
Someone in chains can't expect to thrive
You've got to know what to do
Which hoops to leap through
You're supposed to take it all day by day
But it's so cruel
It's true

I went from the womb / straight to the bar
A place called The Tomb / in a stolen car
They want to know where I'll go
They want to know how far they want to know when
They want to know where I've been
They want to know who I'll see
The man that I want to be
The place that I want to go and then I hear them say:

If you swim, you're gonna sink like a...

From the birth of christ / I've always dressed this nice
Got my dickies and spats / 1-0-0 at bat
They want to know where I'll / they want to know how far
They want to know when and then they hear me say...

If you swim, you're gonna sing like a stone

Oh, and don't try to tell me to carry on because nothing is going to happen. I know you can't unring a bell, you can't unread a book, unhear a speech, unthink a thought, you can't smooth over some thing ripped deep within yourself, arguing within yourself, whether it's right to want to bring a child into a world that may soon be uninhabitable, to have to explain to them that your inaction was due to indecision, to fear of being wrong, fear of being right, fear that you wouldn't be able to find yourself, your happiness within the structure of a changing future that may never be and if it never comes! How and I to feel? To carry on, assured within ourselves, the urge to live irresponsible lives and deem empathetic people naïve or hysterical until our children are left with the same thoughts and questions I have now, to sink dumbly to the bottom or to try to swim to the surface both being equally blind possibilities...

You got the drugs I ain't asking for
You wrote the script that I ain't reading
It's hard enough just to be alive...

If you swim, you're gonna sink like a...
Track Name: Kiss to Shove (waxOFF)
So I see you've given yourself to him
To live out cold fantasies
To be at beck and whim
What kind of love turns kiss to shove?
What kind of fire turns hate into desire?

I know the dreams you've painted with your walks
At night, among trees, always in the dark

Don't tear the lids from my eyes
Don't take the thrill of surprise
Don't tear the lids from my eyes
Don't let me feel the sunrise on my face

I don't wanna see / cause I could never be / you
I don't wanna lie / cause I don't wanna cry for / you
I don't wanna hear / cause I don't wanna fear...

Who you've touched and where you've been and how his fucks feel from within and why you left and every date and every fleeting mental state and future lives and current faults and why we grinded to a halt, of every blemish, every tan, or every stocking pulled in hand, every lip bit teased in turn and every cautious tender spurn, of every gait clipped soft with cheer and ever lilt pulled taut with beer, every second guess remark and any word that pales the spark and every gaze that breeds denial and every maze that seemed worthwhile...
Track Name: Great Western Plain (waxOFF)
After seeing a film about a photographer:
Since I've attempted to douse my fears
I've felt people
Crashing upon me in froth
Of various tangs and salt.
How long must a pebble sit
Before it is called a rock?
Jingles give you answers
To questions you'd forgotten to ask.
A piano is played in a dappled
Park, sounds linger in the humidity, blending
Against the sharp swells and pumps
Of an energetic kit's bass -
Whose money is this anyways?
All of these other people, having to live
Aside themselves each day,
Shifting and rotating until, unless
Frustration bleeds away color
And whatever works is.
Track Name: Wax Face National Anthem (waxOFF)
C-G-E & sometimes F